Dr. Lee attended the ESPRE workshop where was held at RE'18 in Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada

ESPRE workshop was held at RE'18 in Banff. Yijun Yu and Lionel Briand gave very interesting keynote speeches on adaptive security and privacy requirements, and modeling security and privacy requirements to enable test automation, respectively. Thanks to all of you co-organizers, PC members and participants who made it happen!


Ahmed, Yong-Jun Kim, Chantal, Byung-Sun Cho and Min-Ju Kim attended to Korea Computer Congress at ICC Convention Center in Jeju Island.


Dr. Lee attended RE (Requirements Engineering) Conference PC meeting and Research symposium in Hamburg, Germany.


NiSE lab spring tradition @Hwasung Haeng Gung


January 2010:

Dr. Lee is organizing (with Mattia Monga and Jan Jurjens) the SESS (Software Engineering for Secure Systems) workshop at ICSE 2010, Cape Town, South Africa, in May 2010. It is the 6th edition of SESS @ ICSE!


August/September 2009:

Dr. Lee attended the RE 09 with John Cooper (graduate of MSIT 08) to present the following paper at the REV 09 and "The Poster Bazaar - Why you should come and talk to me" at RE 09.  Dr. Lee is serving as program committee members for the RE 09 Industry/Practice Track, REV09, MaRK09.  He is also a program committee member of the RE 2010.

John Cooper, Seok-Won Lee, Robin Gandhi and Orlena Gotel, “Requirements Engineering Visualization: A Survey on the State of the Art” To appear in Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Requirements Engineering Visualization (REV ‘09), in conjunction with the 17th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE ’09), Atlanta, Georgia, August 31 – September 4, 2009. [PDF] [Poster

July 2009:
Seok-Won Lee gave several invited talks at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), and lectures at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Korea.

June 2009:
Robin Gandhi and Seok-Won Lee, “Assurance Case Driven Case Study Design for Requirements Engineering Research”, In Proceedings of the Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality, REFSQ 2009, 15th International Working Conference, , Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 8-9, 2009. LNCS, Springer.

May 2009:
We co-organized the 5th International Workshop on Software Engineering for Secure Systems (SESS) at the 31st International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 09), Vancouver, Canada, 16-24 May 2009. 


September 2008: 
Dr. Seok-Won Lee served as PC members for MeRE08, RELaw08, REV08, MaRK08 workshops held in conjunction with RE 08, Barcelona, Spain.  

May, 2008:
We co-organized the 4th International Workshop on Software Engineering for Secure Systems (SESS) at the 30th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 08), Leipzig, Germany, 10 - 18 May 2008.  The best papers will be published to the special issue of the Computers and Security Journal (Elsevier) in Spring 2009.  Dr. Seok-Won Lee is one of the guest editors (with Bart De Win and Mattia Monga).

April, 2008:
One of our graduate students Robin Gandhi will speak at the College of Computing and Informatics Graduate Seminar. The title of the talk is "Discovering and Understanding the Multi-Dimensional Correlations among Certification Requirements with Application to Risk Assessment".  

March, 2008: 
Dr. Seok-Won Lee was invited to the NSF review panel as a panelist. 

February, 2008:
One of our graduate students Robin Gandhi gave interview talks at various industry research labs and universities.    


October 15-19, 2007:
Dr. Seok-Won Lee and Robin A. Gandhi attended the 15th IEEE Int'l Requirements Engineering Conference (RE 07), New Delhi, India and presented our research in 3 programs such as main technical program, research/system poster/demo, and the 2nd Int'l Workshop on Requirements Engineering Visualization (REV 07)

May 19-20, 2007:
Dr. Seok-Won Lee co-organized the SESS 07 at the ICSE 07. Robin Gandhi presented the following paper on behalf of the NiSE group.  

Seok-Won Lee, *Robin Gandhi, and Siddharth Wagle, “Towards a Requirements-driven Workbench for Supporting Software Certification and Accreditation”, In Proceedings of the Third Int’l Workshop on Software Engineering for Secure Systems (SESS 07) in conjunction with the 29th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 07), Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA.  IEEE Press. May 19-20. 

Dr. Lee is the guest editor (with Mattia Monga) for the Information and Software Technology (IST) - The Elsevier Journal Special Issue on the "Software Engineering for Secure Systems" that will be published in Spring 2008. 


April 28, 2007:
Dr. Seok-Won Lee gave a talk "Software Assurance - A Requirements Engineering Approach" at the 14th KSEA (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association) North Carolina Regional Symposium (NCRS), UNC Charlotte, McEniry Building, Room 148. 

January 10, 2007: Software Engineering Research Seminar

Title : SHAGE: Self-managed Software framework for Service Robot
Speaker : Professor Sooyong Park, Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, Sogang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
When: January 10, 10AM
Where: Woodward Hall 338 Conference room
Host: Dr. Seok-Won Lee

Behavioral, situational and environmental changes in complex software, such as robot software, cannot be completely captured in software design. To handle this dynamism, self-managed software enables its services dynamically adapted to various situations by reconfiguring its software architecture during run-time. We have developed a practical framework, called SHAGE (Self-Healing, Adaptive, and Growing SoftwarE), to support self-managed software for intelligent service robots. The SAHGE framework is composed of six main elements: a situation monitor to identify internal and external conditions of a software system, ontology-based models to describe architecture and components, brokers to find appropriate architectural reconfiguration patterns and components for a situation, a reconfigurator to actually change the architecture based on the selected reconfiguration pattern and components, a decision maker/learner to find the optimal solution of reconfiguring software architecture for a situation, and repositories to effectively manage and share architectural reconfiguration patterns, components, and problem solving strategies. We conducted an experiment of applying the framework to an infotainment robot. The result of the experiment shows the practicality and usefulness of the framework for the intelligent service robots.

Bio:  Sooyong Park is an Associate Professor of Computer Science Department at Sogang University.  He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from Sogang University, Seoul, in 1986, the Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the Florida State University, in 1988, and the Ph.D. in Information Technology with major in Software Engineering from George Mason University, in 1995.. During 1996 – 1998, he served as a Senior Software Engineer at TRW ISC. He is actively involved in academic activities such as a Steering Committee Member of Asian-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, Guest-Editor of CACM Dec, 2006 Software Product Line Issue and PC chair of IWFST. In Korea, he is involved various government sponsored committee such as a general secretary of Korean Defense SW Association, Vice-Chair of Korean Information Society Journal, and Chair of Software Engineering Technology Committee. His research interests include, Self-managed software, Dynamic software product-line engineering, and Requirements engineering.


November 10, 2006:
A group of NiSE graduate students participated in the CCI Graduate Studies Open House and presented our on-going research and shared some useful information as a graduate student panel member. This is part of CCI's such effort to look for talented students to pursue graduate studies in computing and we expect to have a bigger version in Jan. 2007. 

2007 College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) Graduate Studies Open House
Friday, January 12, 9am - Saturday, January 13, 3pm
UNC-Charlotte, College of Computing and Informatics

September 11 - 15, 2006:
Our three research papers have been presented at the SOCCER workshop, MeRE workshop and the Doctoral Symposium at the Requirements Engineering Conference by Robin Gandhi, Lei Liu, Dr. Heather Richter and Dr. Seok-Won Lee. Also Robin did an excellent job as a student volunteer for the RE '06!  The pictures were taken at the conference site, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.


May 19 - 26, 2006:
Dr. Seok-Won Lee presented our research paper at the SESS'06 workshop in conjunction with ICSE '06, Shanghai in China. Also He visited and gave invited talks at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University in Shanghai and Sejong University in Seoul, Korea.

Graduate Seminar:
Software Assurance: Requirements Engineering Approach
Presented by Dr. Seok-Won Lee and Robin Gandhi
3:00PM on Friday, March 31, 2006, 106 Woodward Hall :

Abstract: In the first part of our talk, we discuss recent efforts from the Department of Homeland Security to create a common body of knowledge for software assurance. We then move on to elaborate on the theoretical backgrounds behind our approach that motivate the need for the definition of a common language in the problem domain to address the issues related to software assurance. In the second part, we discuss our efforts on establishing secure systems assurance based on Certification and Accreditation activities, that include effective ways to understand the enforced organizational security requirements, gather relevant evidences, perceive related risks in the operational environment, and reveal their causal relationships with other domain concepts. 


August 29 - September 2, 2005:
Two research papers are presented at the Fourth International Requirements Engineering for High-Assurance Systems Workshop (RHAS’05), and Symposium on Requirements Engineering for Information Security (SREIS) both at the 13th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE '05), Paris, France. 

May 15-21, 2005:
A research paper is presented at the Software Engineering for Secure Systems (SESS '05) Workshop, the 27th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE '05) St. Louis, Missouri, USA.


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